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unexpected nudityStory #1:

I took my daughter to our neighborhood fall festival. She insisted on having a picture made with a giant snake – and insisted I be in the picture with her. While gritting my teeth and taking the picture, the snakes tail somehow managed to lift my shirt enough to result in me flashing my bra at all my neighbors. Good times.

Story #2:

When I was a toddler, my grandmother was making me take a bath. When she looked away to pick the soap, I ran away. Naked.

About an hour later, the local postman returned me back in his messenger bag.

Everybody but me remembers it…


Story #3:

I went to an all-male secondary school, and, during one of our annual sports days, I was in the tug-of-war competition. I can’t fully recall how it happened, but everyone else on my team let go of the rope at the same time, leaving me the fool who got dragged along the ground, pulling both my pants and underwear down.

Upon retrospect, I’m surprised that the topic never brought up again (or at least not in my presence).


Story #4:

A friend of mine in high school was at a water park. She went down one of those almost straight down slides.

When she got off, and started walking around, she’s like, “yeah, everybody’s staring at me. I’m looking hot today.”

Her top was flipped up for a good 5 minutes before somebody said something.



Story #5:

My swim trunks fell off at one of those jet wave pools when i was on a cruise. It was the 2nd day into a 7 day cruise. I was surrounded by over 100ppl. The force of the wave blew my swim trunks off and the water was COLD. I was butt naked and felt great shame and my friends waiting in line pretended they didn’t know me but I walked up to them anyways to high five. Those jet wave pools are no joke. Someone lost their speedo.


 Story #6:
In College I lived in a suite, but shared a bathroom. I was taking a shower because we were going to have people over that night. I had an N64 in my room which apparently a few of the people wanted to play. I was in the shower and was listening to music so I got out of the shower and was just looking down at my phone with my towel on. I wasn’t really paying attention not expecting there to be like 10 people on my bed playing N64 but the first thing I did was shut the door and drop my towel then I looked up…yep everyone saw everything.
Story #7:
Riding my bike to work one afternoon, feeling pretty good, rocking out with my earbuds in. A couple of cars honked at me, I waved because I’m friendly and I don’t always think about things. Got to work and discovered that I had apparently torn a huge hole in the front of my shorts during my ride. Furthermore, the boxers I was wearing were rather old and loose. Additionally,I have a BMX that I pretty much am always standing up on while I ride it. So my dingle dangle was bouncing around for all of South Lamar to see. It was a very breezy ride though. Kinda felt nice.
Story #8:
I was talking to a fairly attractive girl in seventh grade science class. We were standing in front of one another before the beginning of class when a so called friend walks up behind me and “pantsed” me. I was wearing very slick basketball shorts and cotton boxers underneath and I blame that for what happened next. He not only grabbed the shorts but my boxers too and preceded to pull them down to my ankles. The look of horror on that girls face will forever be burned into my skull. I didn’t know what to do, neither did she. She did tell the teacher who spoke with my friend, who was not my friend after that point on. I think he received like a month of detention. Still not enough for the emotional scarring that occurred that day.
Story #9:
Not quite nudity, buuuttttt… In high school I was a pretty big theater kid. My junior year we did Grease and I was in the chorus. If you’ve never seen the stage version of Grease, it opens with everyone gathered for their whatever year reunion, then flashes back to when everyone was in high school. The entire chorus was supposed to be everyone else as adults, so we had ‘grown up’ clothes on that were made to tear off, then underneath we had our high school age outfits on. The tear off seams for my old mom dress coincidentally lined right up with the lines for the shirt I was wearing underneath, and during one performance I accidentally gripped both layers, and ripped my shirt open in front of the entire audience. Obviously I had my bra on underneath, but it was very pale pink, almost flesh colored, so anyone who happened to be focusing on me probably thought they saw my boobs pop out on stage. Luckily I wasn’t center stage or I would probably still be red in the face to this day.
Story #10:
Moved to a new house. Finished work one day, got out of the shower, went to my room naked to get some clothes, realized all the neighborhood moms wait across the road from my bedroom window for their kids’ bus to drop them off.



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