Because It’s Not Game Night Until Someone Flips the Board!

I love this video. I relate to it. I once didn’t speak to my husband for several hours – or was it days? – after a game of Monopoly gone bad. I even named our game company Flip the Board Games, recognizing how frequently game night goes this way.

Have your own game night story? One Up This has a card for that. Hint: the title of the card is Flip the Board, not be confused with another card – Flip the Bird (my friend has a great story on that card that involves a former elected official and a driving incident).

One Up This is the game that lets you tell all your best stories – and lets you prove your life is more interesting than your friends’! Get it on sale now at Flip the Board Games.

Bonus: If you go to our store, make a purchase, and share our store on Facebook, you’ll get $5 back on your purchase and you’d get our undying affection for helping us share the word about our game.


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